GROW Voice – Singing Lessons

The Singing Studio

GROW Voice is located in Boston's Back Bay and serves students of all ages and abilities providing a solid foundation of vocal technique while helping you explore and excel in a particular style or styles of singing. The studio is open to teens by interview and to adult students whether they be pre-professional or avocational. All students are encouraged to explore their vocal instruments and are instructed in the correct production of their desired style(s). Whether you are interested in Classical Singing, Music Theatre (Belt or Legit) or Pop/Rock, I can help you sing healthfully and well.
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Each lesson is divided into technical work and repertoire. I base my classical teaching largely on Italian belcanto techniques, which I have adapted over the years to mix in other teaching elements. All music theatre and CCM (Contemporary Commercial Music ie: jazz, latin, pop and rock) teaching also incorporates speech-based vocal development.   I work to develop a healthy balance between breath and an efficient/open vocal production within the requirements of the style we are working on. I describe this as building identical foundations with strong supports and then decorating with the veneers desired for the design you need. Whether you are spinning a beautiful classical line or belting out a pop tune I will help you do it in a healthy and style-appropriate manner.


This is a performing studio. There are regular performance classes which are strongly recommended for all students, as well as a yearly studio recital. Students may also be invited to participate in NATS (the National Association of Teachers of Singing) auditions as appropriate.

What I Teach

  • Applied Voice Technique (Singing)
  • Repertoire and Performance (Classical, Music Theatre, Pop, Rock, Latin)
  • Musicianship (Keyboard, Sight-reading, Music Theory)
  • Vocal effects (Sounds specific to Pop and Rock singing)